Typical Errors When Switching Car Insurance Companies

Switching to another carrier may be a good idea, but only if done correctly and with some proper research before making the move. Unfortunately, not all people take their time to analyze the situation. And this is why mistakes occur. Check the typical errors done when switching car insurance companies. Also, check our website and get free auto insurance quotes online.

  1. Not carefully analyzing the new offer. Well, we are all tempted to go for a cheaper plan. But cheaper does not mean better. Make sure to know what you get. You may have had a lower price, but the coverage you got is also lower than the previous one. And if you have to increase coverage level, thus increasing the costs for the new policy, the entire move will turn out to be useless. Check and compare all features and coverage levels before switching.
  2. Creating a coverage gap. You must sync the new policy’s start time exactly with the end time of the previous one. Otherwise, you will get a gap. Having several days of gap will make your premiums go higher.
  3. Not cancelling the old policy. When you start a new policy, it’s important to ask to cancel your old one and receive written confirmation, rather than simply stop paying the bills. Otherwise, your former insurer may continue to bill you and ultimately report you for not making payments, which could ruin your credit score.
  4. Not asking for money refund. Ask to be refunded for the policy you do not use. For example, you paid upfront for 12 month of coverage, but you changed carriers after 2 months. Your insurer must reimburse you for the rest of the month, minus the cancellation fees. If the insurer refuses, you should ask for legal support.

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