Information Required By Insurance Companies Before Issuing Policies

In order to get automobile car insurance quotes or to sign for coverage, you must be prepared with documents and info. We want to help you get prepared. Below you will find a list with the typical info asked by insurance companies.

  1. auto insurance free quotes onlineSocial security number (SSN). Usually you are not required to provide a SSN, but your quotes will not be that accurate without it. Insurance companies use the credit-score as rating factor (in states where it is allowed) and they cannot check the score without the SSN.
  2. Vehicle’s Identification Number (VIN). Although you have provided enough info about the car, the VIN number will be more helpful and help get even more accurate quotes. Each number and letter represents a specific piece of information about the car. For example it can indicate some features that can save you money (car alarms, anti-theft devices and extra airbags).
  3. Annual mileage. Your average annual mileage is another important factor in determining your car insurance rates at most insurance companies. When comparing quotes, it’s important to be honest about the amount you drive. Also, auto insurers often get odometer readings from you upon renewing the contract and they will adjust the insurance cost.
  4. The purpose of the car. Be clear what you use the car for. If you declare the car for pleasure, but you are caught in an accident when delivering items or other similar forms of business, the insurance company will not provide any form of coverage. Be clear and honest when declaring the purpose of the car.
  5. Driving history. If you’ve maintained a clean driving record over the years (which means no at-fault collisions, moving violations, or other costly, at-fault claims), you will pay less than someone whose record is not that clean.

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