Important Car Insurance Discounts

Check the top most important car insurance discounts and use our website to get car insurance quotes from top auto insurance companies. Here’s the list:

  1. car-insurance-1Multi-car insurance discount. Most of the insurance companies are willing to provide a discount to anyone willing to insure multiple cars to them. The value of the discount may increase with the number of insured cars,
  2. Multiple-policies discounts. Insurance companies who offer multiple products usually offer a multiple policy discounts to customers who buy health, life, car, homeowners insurance from them. Again, the value of the discount may increase with the number of purchased policies.
  3. No-claims discount. Being a safe driver and not making claims means a lot for the company. After having a record of safe-driving of several years, you can access this discount.
  4. Loyalty discount. Staying with the same carrier for some years will earn you a loyalty discount. The value of discounts and its requirements vary by carrier.
  5. Low mileage discount. Driving below a certain amount of annual miles will get you a generous discount. By driving less than the average, you will be less exposed to car accidents and claims.
  6. Good student discount. Students who have really good grades should apply to this discount. Insurance companies use statistics that show that good students are more responsible on the wheel and spend more time studying than driving.
  7. Safety equipment discount. If your car is equipped with really good safety devices, ask for discounts.
  8. Advance renewal. Many insurers offer a discount to those who renew in advance, typically seven to 10 days ahead of schedule. This will save the companies a lot of paperwork and they will also be relived knowing that they will still be insuring a customer.
  9. Electronic payment. Many insurers offer a discount to drivers who allow to automatically get payments from their bank accounts.

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