How To Negotiate For Better Car Insurance Rates

When renewing policies from any auto insurance company, you should make sure to ask for a negotiation meeting. Find out how to negotiate for better car insurance rates and visit our website for free quotes.

  1. # how-to-save-on-auto-insuranceAsk the agent again about the benefits of extra services. It is likely you have added some extra services on your insurance plans. Things like windshield repair or towing services are usually found in policies. If you want to reduce the insurance costs, you should ask the agent how much you pay for those extra services. Cancel those services if they burden the insurance bill too much and offer too little. It is useless to pay 20-30 dollars more on each month for a service that costs $100 or less.
  2. If you have major changes in your life, inform the insurance company. Your insurer is not your bodyguard or Facebook follower, to know when you got a baby or when you got married. Events like graduating college, getting a job, getting married will have influence on some demographic factors used by your insurance provider to calculate the rates. Let the insurer know about your events and negotiate better rates.
  3. Check loyalty discounts. It is important to know when the loyalty discount will kick in and what its value is. Upon renewing a policy ask about this discount. If there are more than 3 years since you have been a customer to your current provider, you should inquire more.
  4. Mention all extra safety devices you have installed. If you have installed some devices and mechanism to improve car’s safety and reduce theft likelihood, you should seek an insurance cost reduction for your carrier.
  5. Ask how much you can save by paying in advance. Paying the policy for a whole year may not seem a very attractive idea. But it can save you some money. Ask your agent to provide more details.

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