How Driving Tickets Influence Car Insurance Rates

Getting traffic tickets is never fun and several unpleasant consequences will affect you on either short or long term. It depends on the severity of the traffic violation and if you have a bad habit of getting tickets.  But since not all traffic violations are the same, the effects will not be the same.. Find out how tickets will influence your rates and get a free car insurance quote from our website.

expunged_duiTickets for less serious driving violations will have a minor impact or will not influence the rates whatsoever.  Also, if you can deal with the ticket in proper time frame, the consequences will be even less serious.  Dealing with the ticket in this case means denying and contesting the ticket. You should do that if you consider that you are write and you did not commit the violation.

Tickets for DUI will have a devastating impact upon your premiums. If you lose your driver’s license because of the DUI charge, this is considered a serious offense by most insurance companies. Your insurance will face an automatic huge increase, as you will become automatically considered a high risk driver.

Do not think that if you paid tickets outside the state you reside, the insurer will not find out. All insurance companies are connected by law to a central database which the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your ticket will be reported to your insurance company no matter where it was issued to you.

Accumulating too many tickets is a short amount of time will also negatively influence the rates, even though you got the tickets for minor traffic violations. Do not neglect this aspect, since insurance companies surely monitor your records. And of course, too many tickets will make you lose your license.

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