Car Insurance Tips For New Drivers

For brand new drivers, getting their first insurance premium can be quite a costly endeavor. With little experience and using statistical data, young and newly qualified drivers are seen as a big potential risk. If you have a small income from an after school job, you may find that you cannot afford to pay insurance and fuel the car when you want. There are few things you can do and get your rates reduced a little bit. Check the following car insurance tips for new drivers and get cheap full coverage auto insurance quotes from our website.

@ images (2)The first thing you should consider is the value of your car correlated with the insurance costs. It’s worth remembering that the lower the value of your vehicle the lower your premium will be. You can shop around and get quotes for both an expensive car and a regular, family smaller car.  You will surely see the cost difference.

We recommend you to invest in a relatively small and low powered vehicle. If you really want a vehicle with a more powerful engine, wait a year or two for your no claims bonus to become active and you’ll find the cost of insurance is a lot more bearable.

You can save a lot of money on auto insurance by attending driver’s education classes, especially defensive driving classes. New drivers are hard to insure because they are not always aware of the rules of the road, and they lack the experience. By taking driver’s training, you can show that you have some driving experience, and that you are fully aware of the rules of the road.

Avoid customizing your car. Any type of modification a car undergoes will drive up the cost of insurance so if you’re a first time driver it’s a lot better to avoid any vehicles that have modified.

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