Auto Insurance Tips For Bad Weather

Mud, ice, fog or heavy rains are all dangers to anyone brave enough to drive during these conditions.  The chances of being involved in an accident increase exponentially. And we all know that with accidents and claims, the insurance costs also increase.  Read the following auto insurance tips for bad weather and stay safe. Also, visit our website if you are planning to buy or renew car insurance. You will get free auto insurance quotes online and you can compare prices faster.

Smiling woman peering out from snow covered car

Smiling woman peering out from snow covered car

The first and best advice is to make sure that you absolutely need to go outside and drive.  If the weatherman tells you that it’s going to be rough outside, you should think twice before hopping behind the wheel. Closely monitor traffic conditions on your path before and during driving.

If you absolutely need to drive, before starting the car, check the tires. Make sure that they have the right pressure and they are not worn off. Next check all other gears needed during bad weather: wipers, headlights, emergency brake systems,  collision sensors, etc. Keeping excellent maintenance of your car will not only increase your overall survivability rate, but overtime it will also help you get better car insurance prices.

Properly pack supplies, including food and soft drinks before driving, especially if you plan driving for several hours.  An emergency kit should also include batteries, phone chargers, an extra phone, warm blankets and a first aid kit.

When driving during bad weather, it is important to avoid speeding.  Road conditions may make lose control over your car and risk a collision.  Tailgating is particularly dangerous, but when fog it also present, it can become deadly.  Use fog lights if the car is equipped. Do not use high-beams since fog will reflect them and may cause further problems.

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